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"For each piece of music I find the right timbre in my voice.

Composer deepens his own vision of text in melody line. I seek conflict or unity between text and melody :hidden emotions .".

Photo: Astrid Volten

Photo: Henk Ros


A Russian / Dutch opera singer (soprano) .


She sings with the Italian technique. Elena studied in

St. Petersburg at the Academy of Music and then in The Hague at the International Studio of Vocal Arts.

Her teachers were: Anastasiya Korneva,

James J. McCray (student of Mario del Monaco), Barbara Pearson, Krisztina Laki, Annett Andriesen.


Elena sings opera, chamber music and oratorio.

Her favorite opera roles: Lady Macbeth, Eboli, Santuzza, Rosina, Cenerentola, Turandot ,Tatiana .


In chamber music her favorite composers are Rachmaninov, Tchaikovsky, Rimsky-Korsakov, Grieg, Schubert and Wolf. And the oratorio composers: Rossini, Verdi, Villa-Lobos, Durufle.


Elena is also a professional pianist and choir conductor. Her teachers were: Ljubov Bruk, Kirim Vergazov, Tamara Poddubnaya, Lyudmila Syniagovskaya, Eugeniya Kazarina.


Elena is very happy that she had the opportunity to attend the open classes of wonder conductor Ilya Musin in St. Petersburg

Photo: Jolanda Jacobs

Photo: Jolanda Jacobs

In October 2017 her new CD will be released !

"Classic Music LIVE"

Quotes from the press about Elena


Syssojeva lets her voice shine...


From the first tone she took the intent, the style and the character.

Elena: Theater Woman of Purest Water

As soon as the first tunes sound it is clear: Elena Syssojeva is a dark brown soprano .... voice of very high quality

Wonder voice

  Elena has a voice like a clock, great volume, great technique ... and the most amazing sound

  ... very special timbre ..... when you hear Elena sing Bach, you think of the great Passions. Although she sings a lot of opera, a career as an oratorio singer would suit her well.

 .... a brilliant voice

Elena performed the aria from the opera Norma in such a way that the public got a lot of goose bumps and chills.

.... Syssojeva, the pure Russia, the deep emotion .....


The audience compares her voice quality in opera with Maria Callas, in Russian music with Zara Doluchanova, and also that Elena herself has a special own style in singing art.